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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> he'll always have the official endorsement of the "ridicu-list." >> that does it for this edition of "360." thanks for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. breaking news in the manhunt for a suspect cops say has a 16-year-old girl with him. now explosives may be involved. yesterday we heard about a conference call held by al qaeda. it didn't add up. tonight, a special report. how the terrorist group actually communicates explained out front. and dr. sanjay gupta explains why he utterly changed his mind on weed. let's go "outfront." ♪ >> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. i want to begin with a major development in the nationwide search for 16-year-old hannah anderson and her suspected kidnapper james dimaggio.
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the san diego county sheriff's department tells cnn they feardy imagineio is armed with explosives and may have rigged the abandoned car with them. paul, i know you have been covering this. you were talking to the san diego police department today. you were able to break the news on the improvised devices. what more do you know? >> well, let me tell you. this case has a sense of urgency. that's heightened because they are very, very concerned about dimaggio. and this notion of him having homemade bombs. >> we believe he may be in possession of kind of improvised explosives. working on the theory that he abandoned the car, we think there is a possibility the car could be rigged. we want to put out there for civilian safety, officer safety, if you see this car, do not approach it. call law enforcement.
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>> as they also said to me, they are also warning law enforcement officers because the car could be booby-trapped with home made bombs, erin. >> paul, do they have a sense at this point as to hannah, whether she's with him, her condition or is that just a huge question mark at this moment? >> that's hanging in the air. if there is one place it might be hanging in the air it would be the extreme northeast corner of california because they did have two reported sightings, both yesterday. one in rural california. the other across in lake oregon. i spoke with the sheriff in california. he said an 18-year-old maid spotted a vehicle that she believed belonged to that suspect, dimaggio. they are checking the lead out. they say there might be holes in it. they haven't had a car sighting since the reports yesterday. that would be the focus that was on highway 395.
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that highway would lead all the way to the canadian border, erin. >> canadian border. this is now an international situation. paul, thank you very much. breaking the news on the possibility of bombs now associated with the manhunt. i want to bring in re ray lopez. he's joining me on the phone. ray is a former member of the fbi bomb squad. given that, what can you tell me is the most important focus if this guy has rigged some sort of explosive devices and he has with him this hostage of a 16-year-old girl? >> good evening, erin. i think it's interesting the critical part. he now has explosives and now this has become kind of dynamic with respect to now you have a vehicle potentially with explosives. we don't know the situation. if he abandoned the vehicle at any point now you have a suspect out the there with explosives that could potentially wire a house, wire a campground or do
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several other things with explosives to make it difficult for law enforcement and dangerous not only for law enforcement and for the public to be around. >> i want to emphasize for those of you not familiar with the details of the story that this man, dimaggio is suspected in burning down his home with the girl's mother and younger brother inside. they are both considered to be dead. this is a horrific situation. when paul spoke with the san diego sheriff's department he asked where they might be. it's amazing in this day and age with the technology that they don't know. these manhunts can happen. here's how she answered the question about where he is. >> another thing we wanted to emphasize today is he enjoyed being outside, camping, hiking. there is a possibility he could be hunkered down in a rural area
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anywhere up and down the state, the northwest, canada, mexico. anyone out there now enjoying hiking, camping, please look for this car. please look for these faces. if you see anything, don't take action on your own. call 911. >> ray, does it surprise you that they don't seem to have any idea where he is? >> not at all. he's got a head start on law enforcement. they are kind of working several hour it is not days behind this incident. so they are playing catch-up now. the amber alert is a wonderful tool. i think it's out there for all the right reasons. i think eventually he will be caught and brought to justice. the critical point now is keeping the public safe and keeping law enforcement safe as they approach the vehicle and the subject if he's out of the vehicle. >> thank you very much. ray lopez as we said,
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fbi expert ray lopez on dealing with these situations when explosives could be involved. according to the national center for missing and exploited children, 800,000 kids are reported missing each year in this country. about 2,000 a day. the justice department says teenage girls like 16-year-old hannah anderson are most vulnerable. i want to bring in a clinical psychologist to talk about this. a quarter of all kidnappings are perpetrated by an acquaintance. this man was a friend with the mother. there are questions about his relationships with the girl. whether there was something untoward in that. three-quarters of the time victims are girls. why is this? >> girls are more vulnerable than boys generally. they are relationship-based, they're so focused on that. especially if an older man is giving them attention they will get lured in, think it's interesting and great. they will feel cool and excited about it. then the adult will play on that because of the vulnerability, pause of lack of knowledge, they
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get played and they really get hurt. >> what do you think the motivator is in this case? there's been speculation. i want to emphasize that he is all it is at this point, but he could have had some relationship or obsession sexualry with the 16-year-old. it might not be that, right? >> it might not be that. we have no idea. it's all speculation. he could have had a sexual interest in her. maybe he 's holding her as collateral. would we be as interested if he didn't have a 16-year-old girl in his hands? would it just be another awful situation in california? does he have a sexual interest in her? there are so many what ifs we don't know. we know they had a close relationship. why choose her and not the brother? there is no way to know that. >> we can just hope we will know it and there will be an ending with the girl being alive. thank you very much. still out front, a florida teen and why cops say he was about to join a terrorist group and kill americans. then, how does al qaeda communicate? a crucial question and we have
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our second story "outfront" tonight, a florida teenager tries to join al qaeda. this is the case prosecutors are making against 19-year-old shelton bell. he appeared in federal court for the first time today to face the terror-related charges against him. david mattingly is covering this. it's sort of -- now that we have the story about the tsarnaev brothers. it's something a t lot of people may take more seriously than they would have just a few months ago. what do you know about the 19-year-old and what he was trying to do. >> he's now the latest you can young american being accused of trying to join up with a terrorist organization and getting involved in terrorist activities. specifically the federal indictment accuses him of conspiring and attempting to provide material support to terrorists.
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according to that federal indictment bell had plans to go to yemen late last year. he got on a plane, flew to israel, wasn't able to get into the country there. he ended up flying to turkey and then also to jordan but it was not clear in that document if he was actually able to get into yemen where he allegedly had plans to join up with a terrorist organization and get involved in some kind of violent armed activity. before he left the indictment says he was able to recruit a minor to join with him in going over there. they say he videotaped firearms training he conducted. he was also undergoing physical training to join the jihad. and he actually conducted a raid on a cemetery near his home. this happened fourth of july last year, according to the indictment. he went in and conducted vandalism to religious statues there.
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he videotaped this and was allegedly planning to use it to recruit others to go with him to the middle east. erin? >> i'm curious. now that we have this conversation about what the government is watching and what the government should be allowed to watch. when you look at the tsarnaev brothers if the government had seen him on the jihad websites perhaps they could have stopped them. do you have any idea from the information you have at this point how this teenager who looks all american in the picture we are putting on the screen converted? decided to become a terrorist and try to join al qaeda? >> a jacksonville newspaper quotes his mother saying he simply converted to islam. there are quotes from a spokesman for a mosque there in the jacksonville area. saying that there were red flags thrown up last year. he started wearing traditional clothing to the mosque and talking to young people about violent activities. red flags such that they ended up contacting the fbi. the fbi came to the mosque, took statements from a variety of people.
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strangely enough it wasn't the fbi who initially picked him up. this young man was actually picked up by the county sheriff's office on charges not related to these terrorism charges. this had to do with grand theft and fraud charges. he couldn't make bail. he was sitting in the county jail waiting for the federal authorities to wrap up their investigation, go to a grand jury and come out with this indictment. >> thank you. our third story "outfront" now, al qaeda's teleconference. last night we told you about a conference call of sorts between 20 al qaeda leaders. the call that was supposedly responsible for the current unprecedented terror alert around the world. according to the daily beast, the call was intercepted, which prompted this terror alert. the idea of a conference call between al qaeda's leaders sounded odd. it flies in the face of what we know about the way al qaeda operates and communicates. bin laden would never touch a phone, right?
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we spoke with a reporter who broke the story and here's what eli lake explained. >> i would say it was not a telephone conference call in that sense. it was a remote conference, where people are in and it's -- it is something like a teleconference. >> something like a teleconference? so we wanted to find out exactly what that means. how does al qaeda talk? and we wanted to figure it out. tom foreman did it and has an "outfront" investigation. >> reporter: when al qaeda leaders in far flung corners of the earth need to talk with each other, they don't pick up the phone. security analysts say they jump on the internet using a complicated chain of computer connections. although no one knows for sure, this is how they believe it works. the parties meet in a private internet chat room where they are extremely cautious. even shrouding their written communications with each other in encryption software making it difficult to read what anyone is saying in one of the short meetings.
11:17 pm
beyond that, they may even send deputies in a sense to conduct the conversations so at any given moment none of the leaders can be connected to each other or to whatever is being orchestrated. but it goes even further. instructions from top al qaeda operatives are believed to sometimes be sent by trusted couriers are often sent to internet cafes on public computers where they encrypt the message and send it through an e-mail account set up specifically for that one message and no other. minutes later the whole trail disappears. some security analysts say the combination of technology, social media sites and internet anonymity is the backbone of terrorist communications. flash point global partners says it works well. >> i think they allow such groups to flourish.
11:18 pm
they certainly give the means for possible lone wolves to communicate with actual groups. offer themselves as potential terrorists. >> reporter: need proof? prosecutors say the men accused of the boston bombings used jihadi websites for inspiration and bomb building advice. security analysts say anwar al alawki exchanged e-mails with nadal hasan. and khalid shaikh mohammed is believed to have used a hotmail account. >> al qaeda started with one a decade ago. we have at least a dozen al qaeda web forums that host thousands of individuals. >> reporter: a few years back when the hunt for osama bin laden was still raging, some intelligence forces believed al qaeda was even developing its own intranet that was
11:19 pm
electronically hidden behind jihadi websites and accessible to only a few people. whether they succeeded or such a system still exists like much of the communication structure remains shrouded in mystery. tom foreman, washington. >> of course the great irony using so much american innovation to try to destroy america. our tourt fourth story outfront, dr. sanjay gupta changes his mind on weed. 20 states allow medical marijuana. and the medical community seems to be changing its mind on pot. but you know, not everybody is. a lot are adamantly against it. but there is a dramatic turn around for dr. gupta who just four years ago wrote an article for "time" magazine titled why i would vote no for pot. the ground breaking new documentary airing this sunday on cnn. and in it, he explained why he changed his mind.
11:20 pm
sanjay, the fda says marijuana is harmful, we know that. michael bloomberg is quoted saying medical marijuana is the greatest hoax of all time. you were in that camp, right? you agreed. you looked at the evidence, and i remember a few weeks ago saying i have this documentary coming up, and i think the government is reprehensible for not allowing pot. >> i'm surprised by both mayor bloomberg's comments and how long the government has been sort of keep thing position about classifying marijuana as one of the most dangerous substances out there. mayor bloomberg usually does a good job looking at the science, but let me assure him that there is real science now out there. i will tell you part of the issue when we were talking the other night, in you go look at the medical journals right now, some 20,000 paper also pop up. but more than 90% of them are deseemed to look at the harm of marijuana. and very few are looking at the
11:21 pm
benefits. it paints a very distorted picture, one that is very misleading. i have apologized for my own role in misleading people, as well. i searched further and deeper and looked outside the country, i looked in smaller labs, i listened to patients who i lumped in with ma lingrers just looking to get high. once you look beyond that, this is a substance that can have significant medical natural. it should not be a schedule one substance. it has medical value. that's part of the reason i changed my mind on this. >> of course, schedule one, the most dangerous. heroin is in there. and heroin, of course, use has been surging in this country. sanjay, i know this is a rather strange question, but i have to ask you now that you've changed your mind. you've spent the past year researching marijuana. have you tried it? >> right.
11:22 pm
you know, i've tried it in the past, honestly. maybe ironically, i don't know. i didn't particularly care for it. it made me a little paranoid, a little edgy. it wasn't something -- >> classic type-a reaction. >> how about you? >> i haven't because i'm afraid of it. >> even more type-a than you already are. >> but you have tried it, all right. thank you very much, sanjay. we appreciate it of course. the doctor is always so honest. and you have to see the documentary, it's amazing. "weed" airs sunday at 8:00 right here on cnn. still to come, nsa leaker edward snowden. is he as safe as he thinks he is? one person who knows a lot thinks no. and his life could be at risk. flooding strikes the midwest where a baby is rescued. and yes, meet the new powerball, multi, multimillionaire.
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welcome back to the second half of "outfront" where we focus on reporting from the front lines. i want to begin with a judge in the major nadal hasan case. he's rejected a request for attorneys asking to drop out. but they were told they had to represent him. the attorney says it is the attorney's ethical duty to assist hasan, but he is leading his own defense. he's cross examining people himself. had they been representing him from the start, the defense would be much more vigorous. two friends of dzhokhar tsarnaev were charged by a federal grand jury today of obstructing justice and conspiracy. the two are accused of removing
11:28 pm
dzhokhar tsarnaev's belongings from his dorm room after they got a text from him saying take what's there. according to the indictment, they threw the items in the dumpster, including a laptop and backpack, all possibly used in constructing a bomb. if convicted, they face 25 years in prison. now an update on the story. a 17-year-old canadian girl allegedly driven to suicide because of bullying on the internet. two people have been arrested in connection in her case and are being questioned by investigators. her >> even though paul white of minnesota was 350 times more likely to get hit by lightning than win the lottery, lightning may never strike twice but look at this. he one 1/3 of wednesday's $500
11:29 pm
million powerball jackpot. he came forward saying there may be a vacation in his future but he's not sure. as we reported yesterday, the odds of winning powerball is 1 in 175 million. two other winners in new jersey, both in new jersey, have yet to come forward. mother nature is plaguing parts of this country tonight in the midwest. one person has been killed trying to cross a bridge in torrential flooding. rescue teams have been trying to save others caught in the floods, including a baby that was saved. you see the baby there. in southern california, high winds are at the back of a very fast-moving wildfire. a fire grew from 300 to 6,000 acres in three hours. right now it's only 10% contained. our fifth story, 19
11:30 pm
firefighters tragically perished in that massive wildfire in arizona in late june. now instead of getting their city's full support, some families say they're being denied benefits. the city of prescott, arizona has turned its back on her according to one woman. >> reporter: ten days after 19 firefighters died, the mayor spoke directly to their grieving widows and children. >> we will be here to support you. i hope that my words and more importantly, that our continued support of you for years to come will bring you comfort. >> reporter: but comfort is not somewhat many of the survivors are feeling. they are angry with the mayor and other city officials because they feel they've turned their backs on them. the biggest issue, the city's refusal to pay full death benefits to the families
11:31 pm
classified as seasonal firefighters. >> the city officials that i myself have had some -- thank you. some run-ins with that were unprofessional and rude, the mayor is the ringleader as far as i'm concerned. he has been horrific. >> reporter: the mayor, speaking out to cnn, is standing by his city's decision. >> it always hurts, because i've been here almost 50 years. we are going to make sure that the city performs on every agreement that we had with these workers. some of them had different agreements than others. >> reporter: julian maintains her husband andrew had the pay and workload of a full-time firefighter and the city has an obligation to pay the full benefits. the mayor says each family will receive $328,000 in federal payments, along with social security, worker's compen sags
11:32 pm
and college tuition and private donations. >> the money raising events has now exceeded $10 million to be divided among 19. so it's not as if we're taking food out of baby's mouth. >> reporter: the widows say it's not just the money but the way they've been treated. >> i mentioned to the hr department my husband did work full time. my kids and i sent him off to work every day. and her response was it must be a marriage issue is why i didn't understand his employment status. >> reporter: amanda marsh was cut off when trying to speak to the city council about restaffing the hot shots. >> thank you for considering bringing the crew back on. because it was my husband's dream. so thank you very much. >> reporter: a spokesman come seeds officials could have done
11:33 pm
a better job communicating with firefighter families. both sides support legislation proposed by the speaker of arizona statehouse that would retroactively provide full survivor benefits to those left behind by the 19 brave firefighters who died protecting this city from a devastating wildfire. i'm casey wian, prescott, arizona. now our sixth story. is edward snowden really safe in russia? one expert says he should watch his back. and we mean this literally. susan candiotti is "outfront." >> reporter: nsa leaker edward snowden better watch his back or some say he could suffer the same fate as former cia defector edward lee howard. >> his usefulness might not last forever. >> reporter: robert stone has written an open letter to snowden, comparing his case to edward lee howard's, the only cia employee to defect to the
11:34 pm
soviet union. in this video posted on youtube, howard's defection is described, as cnn has reported, howard was trained as a spy to be stationed in moscow. but he was forced to resign after failing a lie detector test before ever being sent to the soviet union. howard moved to new mexico in 1982 and experts say plotted his revenge. >> he contacted the soviet consulate here in washington and said i'm a cia officer, i have secrets, i know what we do in moscow and i'm available. >> reporter: howard eventually made it to russia in 1986 and gets asylum. howard's info to the russians resulted in the execution of a scientist. when american producer stone met howard in 1993, he was living in a russian home in the countryside. but wanted out. in 2002, russia said the defector died in a mysterious drunken fall.
11:35 pm
>> he just died of falling down drunk, down some stairs didn't seem credible to me. >> reporter: robert bear agrees the cia and fbi remain skeptical to this day. >> there's certainly suspicion inside the cia and fbi that edward lee howard had his next broken by the kgb. he was an alcoholic, causing a lot of problems for the kgb. they had every reason to get rid of him. >> reporter: and perhaps howard was likely a casualty of the cold war finally warming over. ed's death resolved the problem to each country's satisfaction. for now, edward snowden may look relaxed, but what lies in his future? >> they're going to keep him under full control. he will not be able to leave the country without their permission. i don't think they'll ever trust him. the russians have never, ever trusted a defector, ever. >> reporter: as for stone, who
11:36 pm
sees a possible parallel to snowden's future, the advice is simple. >> to mr. snowden, i would say just -- you know what? keep your entrepreneurial mind applied and don't cross your -- the givers of your asylum. >> reporter: susan candiotti, cnn, new york. >> pretty interesting. money and power tonight. crash test failure. the insurance institute for highway safety put 12 compact cars through a new crash test which tests the front corners of the vehicle. 6 of the 12 scored marginal or poor latest. the highest scores went to the honda civic and the american dodge dart. stocks snapped a three-day losing streak, posting modest gains. we also got data on the number of people applying for unemployment benefits for the
11:37 pm
first time. the number did rise, but the number i want to look at is the four-week number, just an average over the past month. it's more important. it's actually at the lowest level since november 2007, well before the entire financial crisis. that's good news. data like that could help get the u.s.'s top credit rating back. next, a horrible acid attack on two women thrown by a man riding on a motorcycle. we have that story. and then, is this finally the push that forces washington redskins to change their name? is it racist? we take you to one of the most lovely places in the world, a fabulous hotel overlooking the water. we'll tell you why there's a problem. tonight's shoutout, this fan was attending a minor league baseball game, caught a home run ball. you see the ball come out,
11:38 pm
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we're back with tonight's outer circle where we reach out to sources around the world. tonight we go to tanzania after two female tourists are recovering from an acid attack. two men were driving on motorcycles, threw the acid on the women's faces, chests and hands. i asked how they are doing tonight. >> reporter: the two 18-year-olds have been given the all-clear to travel back to the uk this evening. the two who had been volunteering with a charity were due to finish their stint in two
11:43 pm
days' time. that was of course before unidentified men on a motor bike threw acid on their chests, faces and hands. no group claimed responsibility for the attack. it comes against the backdrop of growing anti-western sentiment. the women are expected to head straight to hospital upon their arrival in the uk tomorrow morning, erin. now our seventh story, rename the redskins. that's the message from "slate" an online magazine. it announced they're no longer going to use the name redskins. saying it reflects a willingness to acknowledge others who were once barely visible to the dominant culture. so is it time for a name change? michael medved joins us.
11:44 pm
joe, let me start with you. do they have a point? i grew up a couple hours southeast of washington, the redskins was my team. you grow up like that and you don't think about these things necessarily. does "slade" have a point? >> the fans, and you're a fan, fans down in the d.c. area, 8 in 10 say don't change the name. these are the people that buy jerseys and tickets. daniel schneider paid $800 million for this team 15 years ago. he also has the right to say whether this team should be called the redskins or not. so if the fans are voting right now, they're saying don't touch a thing. >> joe, dan schneider bought this team. this is a very valuable franchise. the commissioner of the nfl, roger goodell, wrote a letter back in june to lawmakers and he said for the teams millions of
11:45 pm
fans and customers, the name is a unifying force, which stands for strength, courage, pride and respect. political correctness is good. political correctness gone wild is bad. is this that? >> absolutely not. this isn't about political correctness, this is about mow ralt. you know they always stop at the players, but never stop at the actual how that name came about. the owner of the washington team wasn't about racist. his nfl team was the last team to become integrated and he had to be forced to do so by the nfl commissioner, and that was in the kennedy administration. so when you think you know this name came from the fact that they used to skin native americans and refer to that pelting as redskins and the man that picked that name is a
11:46 pm
racist, i don't see how you can be proud of that heritage. >> michael, what do you say? >> look, i am a big supporter of the cleveland indians, the atlanta braves or the kansas city chiefs. they don't have a judgment to them. but the term redskins has an insulting edge. i don't see why dan schneider wouldn't change it. the problem he would have, and it should be his choice, he paid the money. but the problem, is what do you call the california team in you can't call them the senators, because they would imply a team that never gets the ball down the field. and somehow i don't think that the battling bureaucrats is going to do it for a washington team. >> and michael, i don't know where you stop. in other words, maybe we should talk about changing the new york jets and their name, because jets cause pollution and pollution causes global warming. >> i cannot believe you are marginalizing this conversation. >> no, no, the vikings and the
11:47 pm
raiders, they used to pillage just for fun. they have blood on their hands. 70 high schools in this country have redskins as their name. are you going to pay for the change in uniforms? >> that's what it's about. it's about dollars and cents. >> look, it is about dollars and cents, but the fact is, if dan schneider -- seriously, i don't think there are any redskins' fans who won't come to his games if he changes the name of the team. and seriously, to insist that somehow this is not an insult, you wouldn't have the detroit black skins. that wouldn't be permitted. you wouldn't appreciate the san francisco yellow skins. it is meant as an insult that is based upon skin color. and really we should -- ultimately, they're going to change the name. we might as well do it cheerfully. >> doug williams was the first black quarterback to ever play in a super bowl and he's now the
11:48 pm
only black quarterback to ever win a super bowl. when i think about the heritage of the redskins, i can't go back to the '30s, i think of george allen, and doug williams, the only black quarterback to ever win a super bowl. modern history is what i care about, not what some guy did back in the '30s and what kind of person to you. >> final word to you, lz. >> it's very convenient to dismiss it in that way. no one is saying you should dismiss the franchise's history. but you're looking at where the name came from, and for you to marginalize that and jokingly talk about eliminating the jets, when we know there was genocide committed. and to have the capital of the united states have a team with a racial slur as its mascot's nickname, it's not about political correctness. it's about morality and it seems to be immoral. >> it's about what the fans say,
11:49 pm
too. >> i'm sure black people, if they would vote, black people would still be on the field. >> all right. >> if people don't like the name, they can stop buying the redskins' gear and stop going to the games. and maybe some people will. >> thank you very much to all three of you. and to our viewers. let us know what you think. as you know every night, we look at the top stories. and tonight we want to go on a trip to a place called benadorm. it's the most popular beach resort in europe. this spanish town attracts millions every year, and it's a huge city with the most skyscrapers per capita in the world. no joke. kind of looks like rio, doesn't it? since the 1990s, the population has exploded, which is the
11:50 pm
problem. the real estate market crashed and europe has taken a huge toll on the city. but the town refuses to give up. a skyscraper got them into this mess and a skyscraper is going to get them out. it was designed as a symbol of hope and prosperity. it's 94% complete and it is big and, well, i don't know, but it's exactly what they want to attract tourists. there's just one problem. they forgot the elevator. according to the spanish newspaper, the skyscraper was supposed to be just 20 stories stall, but they forget to leave enough room for the elevator. so now there's 47 story building only accessible by stairs. in benidorm, the majority of tourists who visit are older. they don't like to carry up
11:51 pm
their bags one flight, let alone 47. this appears to be a major disaster, unless they want to boost unemployment with spanish sherpas. so which is it? next, should there be no more zoos? hero: if you had a chance to go anywhere in the world, but you had to leave right now, would you go? man: 'oh i can't go tonight' woman: 'i can't.' hero : that's what expedia asked me. host: book the flight but you have to go right now. hero: (laughs) and i just go? this is for real right? this is for real? i always said one day i'd go to china, just never thought it'd be today. anncr: we're giving away a trip every day. download the expedia app and your next trip could be on us. expedia, find yours. like carpools...
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big news out of washington tonight. two tiger cubs were born at the national zoo. they're endangered. they were born on monday and since their birth, their mother has been seen constantly nursing and grooming them. here's a webcam video. we were watching it today. it made us feel lucky to have access to this. then we saw this story. costa rica, known for its biodiversity, is closing zoos because cages are bad for animals. the minister of the environment says the decision was based on a childhood experience. he said one day we took the parrot out to the patio and a flock of wild parrots past. and the parrot went with them. we fed her with food and
11:56 pm
affection, but when she had the chance, she left. she after all is wild and wants to be with her own kind. i always thought zoos were important, but after reading about the story, i'm not sure. the quarters the tiger cubs are being kept in are small. sometimes animals in the zoo seem lonely and forlorn. it feels like a stone age thing to cage them. should america close its zoos? let us know on twitter. piers morgan is next. you tell p- okay, someone who you really are. i heard from my friend's cousin that someone was shopping at jcpenney. so you know she's gonna bring it. [ female announcer ] this weekend, buy more and save more with your jcpenney coupon. come find your first day look at jcpenney.
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